Premier Walk-in Tub Line


Premier Walk-in Tub Line

Premier Walk-in Tub Line

  Import Prepackeged Custom
Sizes Available 26x54, 30x52, 26x48 26x53, 29x52, 30x53, 31x50 26x53, 26x45, 30x52, 31x50
Structure and Frame System Kitchen/Bath Grade Gelcoat, Light Weight Resin, Non-reinforced, Non-integrated ¾” Metal or Wood Frame Non-specified Gelcoat, Medium Weight Resin, Partially Reinforced 14 ga. Stainless Steel Frame Specified Marine Grade Gelcoat, Heavy Weight Resin, Fully Reinforced, 8 ga. Stainless Steel Frame
Installation Factors Drop-in (non-UBC), Lightweight Leveling Partial Flanged, Adjustable Leveling Fully Flanged (UBC), Heavy Duty Leveling
Plumbing System American Standard Restricted Flow/Non-UPC Valves, Plastic Drain European Diverted/Non-UPC Valves, Imported Cable Drain Specified ¾” Rapid Flow Valves (UPC), ADA Steel Cable Drain or Dual Drains
16-Jet Air Massage Therapy (See “Options” for Pricing) Imported Pre-plumbed Plastic/Non-checked Jets, Entry Level Air System, Pneumatic Pre-set Controls Custom plumbed, Stainless/Plastic Checked Jets, Heated Air System, Pneumatic Pre-set Controls Specified and Custom Plumbed, Stainless/Brass Checked Jets, Computerized Infinite Adjustments
ADA Thermostatic Protection None ¾” Rapid Flow, Hard Plumbed TMV ADA Dual Valve System, or Deluxe Dual Flow TMV
Door System and Closure Double Cam, 2-piece Door Single Cam, Teardrop/Long Throw, 1-piece Door Custom ADA Handle, 1-piece Integrated Door
  $2,895.00 $4,995.00 $5,995.00
  Premier Walk-in Tub Line
  Premier Walk-in Tub Line

Therapy Systems
Air Jetted Systems
Economy Hydrotherapy $495.00 - 16 Jet Pre-plumbed Plastic/Non-draining Jets, Economy Level Blower/Non-Heated, Pneumatic Pre-set Controls Premier Walk-in Tub Line
Medical Hydrotherapy™ $995.00 20 Jet Medical Grade Custom Plumbed, FDA Stainless/Brass Jets, Tubing, 8 Port Manifold, Dry Pump, Heated and Computerized Controls with Infinite Adjustments Premier Walk-in Tub Line
Water Jetted System:    
Economy Water $495.00 Imported Pre-plumbed Plastic Jets/Non-checked Jets, Entry Level Air System, Pneumatic Pre-set Controls Premier Walk-in Tub Line
Deluxe Water $695.00 Custom plumbed, Stainless/Plastic Checked Jets, Heated Air System, Pneumatic Pre-set Controls Premier Walk-in Tub Line

NOTE: Most Internet Resellers DO NOT Offer ADA Packages. Our "Economy" Level Products Meet or Exceed All Other Quality Levels On The Internet, But Are Not Designed To Address ALL Relevant ADA Guidelines.

Economy Non-ADA (included) Premier Walk-in Tub Line
Partially ADA Compliant $1,070. Dual Valve, ADA Handheld Shower System, ¾" TMV Premier Walk-in Tub Line
Fully ADA Compliant $1,350.00 Rapid Flow ¾" 2-in-1 TMV, ADA Shower System Premier Walk-in Tub Line
ADA Curtain Rod and Liner $250.00 ADA Easy Glide Track Curtain Rod and High Quality Weighted Liner Premier Walk-in Tub Line

Amazing’s Premier Walk-in Bathtubs are the primary solution for 80% of our customers. Walk-in bathtubs are just that – tubs engineered for people who are reasonably mobile, can stand on one foot lift their feet 5”-7” to enter the tub and safely lower themselves to an ADA compliant 17” seat. WARNING: This is the design most commonly sold on the internet. Walk-in Bathtubs are the favorite design of low-quality manufacturers and internet re-sellers because the consumer (and many of the re-sellers themselves) don’t understand the vast difference between one walk-in tub and another. However, just as with cars, appliances, clothing and everything else we purchase, there are vast differences in quality. When it comes to cars, for example, we understand there are Yugos, Kias, Chryslers, Toyotas and Bentleys. Most consumers of cars know the difference and can choose for themselves the quality level, features and price point that best meets their needs. This is NOT SO WITH WALK-IN BATHTUBS! SO, …beware.

There are many re-sellers of walk-in tubs selling low quality and poor features at high prices, low quality and poor features at low prices, and everything in between. The challenge is funding good quality at fair prices. We will help you to understand and decide for yourself what your walk-in tub choice is.
The relative abundance of low quality products with low quality accessories at cheap prices makes it very easy for internet re-sellers make significant profits. Many never even touch or see the walk-in tubs they are selling. The tubs are off-loaded from China, Europe or wherever by the container and drop shipped from a warehouse to your door. Even if a walk-in tub is drop ship (as some of our lower priced walk-in tubs are), you must know that someone is inspecting and testing it before it is shipped to you, and is there to help you if there is a problem. This is a minimum. Better, the appliances should be built to our specifications, plumbed, tested and crated in our own factory or warehouse.

No other bath tub available will give you the comfort, safety and fulfillment of traditional bathing so easily and all of this can happen in the comfort of your home. This product line is a MUST for every person over 65, especially everyone with a health or mobility challenge, who desires to live in the home they are in and never be forced against their will into a nursing home.

“I had no clue about all the different walk-in bathtubs. I am a fairly big guy. Not knowing any better, I called a high pressure internet walk-in tub company and they “sold” me a tub that was too small for me... Thank God I called the caring people at Amazing Walk-in Therapy Tubs. They made sure I got the perfect walk-in tub in the Premier line for me, and I got a far superior product for less money!” D. Gall