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3052 Walk-in Bathtub
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Amazing Walk-in Bathtub Company has secured the exclusive right to LIQUIDATE 60 factory “mis-runs” of the 3052 inward swing walk-in bathtub shells manufactured for the very best walk-in bathtub company in the industry. These tubs are specified to be made of the highest quality fiberglass and framing materials in the market, BAR NONE, and they are far superior to any product currently being sold.

So… Why so cheap???
The walk-in bathtub company that owns these molds demands the very highest quality materials and fabrication standards in the industry. Their products are therefore the most sought after,… and priciest tubs in the market.

However, their factory made a mistake, and ran a production of 60 units on a mold that has panel locations and trim not approved by the company. They are in every way the same quality, but will not be sold by the company who owns the molds.

THAT’S IT! Other than the panels being lower than intended, everyone of these 30wx52lx40h are high quality walk-in tubs. Quality of the materials and fabrications are 100% guaranteed – FOR LIFE!

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Only $2395 the very highest quality 3052 walk-in bathtub in the market!
Only $500 for either air or water jetted systems
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Whether you are an individual retail consumer or in the business, you can get yourself the very best 3052 walk-in bathtub shell, at an unbelievably low price. Don’t waste your money on Cheap imported tubs, or lower quality products!

Also,… while they last, we have 10 Step-in model 3060 walk-in tubs
ONLY $1,200

(Same high quality and lifetime warranty)
Only Lo-Boy walk-in tub with full access panels

Good: Independent Living Walk in Tub Line

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